• Largest provider of Behavioral Health care selects MEDIK
  • Largest Provider of Behavioral Health Care Selects MEDIK

    Universal Health Services is the largest provider of Behavioral Health care in the country. We use Logik Solution’s MEDIK software in many of our RTCs and outpatient programs across the country. Our association with Logik Solutions began as a result of a hospital acquisition made by UHS back in 2004. This was followed by a major acquisition in 2005 of 50+ facilities that were all using the MEDIK software. It was decided at that time to keep the MEDIK software running in the acquired facilities since it worked well, the price was right, and the facilities were happy with it. We have found Logik Solutions to be easy to work with and always responsive to our sometimes very unique needs. From small cosmetic changes to major re-writes of specific modules and the creation of new modules, Logik Solutions has always been willing to get things running the way we want it, when we want it. This has led to implementing the MEDIK software in many of our existing facilities across the country where unique needs of the facility made MEDIK the logical choice for a software solution.

    I have personally worked with the folks at Logik Solutions for almost ten years now. My primary contact today is the same person (Dwight Comer) I started working with ten years ago. Although Logik Solutions has grown as a company over the years, their attention to customer service has always been maintained at the highest level. In my 30 years in Behavioral Health IT, I have found this to be a quality that most vendors lose sight of over the years. Fortunately, Logik Solutions has not. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Logik Solutions as we grow and add facilities to our MEDIK database. Early next year we will be installing Logik’s new web based version of their software in one of our facilities and hope to transition other facilities to the new version of Logik software as we can.

    Dick Windle | Behavioral Health Information Services
    Staff Vice President

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