Application Hosting Services

An Information Technology Department on the Web

Many of Logik Solutions’ clients do not have fully developed and staffed information technology departments. To save capital costs and overhead, clients often outsource “hosting” services to a third-party provider

Over the years we have worked with numerous hosting companies providing the hardware, operating systems, back-up, remote connectivity and the wide range of services one would expect of an in-house IT department. We are happy to work with your chosen hosting service. However, we also recommend our preferred partner, Kick Technologies.

Kick Technologies hosts several Logik Solutions’ clients ranging from large acute care psychiatric hospitals to smaller mental health clinics and community mental health centers. Logik Solutions and Kick Technologies work closely with our clients to create customized technology solutions tailored to the client’s budget, needs and business objectives.

Benefits of using Kick Technologies as your hosting provider:

  • Initial capital savings
  • Predictable monthly expenses
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Swift, reliable, secure connectivity
  • Access to your MEDIK database from anywhere in the world
  • Focus on your patients and business--not your network
  • Wide range of technology and software expertise
  • Broad redundancies and backup services

Optional integration with a range of other complimentary services:

  • Full Desktop (Multi-Application) Hosting
  • Web & Exchange Mail Hosting
  • Secure File Services
  • Voice Over IP Telephony Solutions
  • Database & Dashboard Services
  • IT Department Functions
  • Custom Development & Report Writing
  • Dashboard Services
  • Labor Management, Payroll & Data Processing
  • Full Time Support Desk
  • IT Process Controls and Efficiencies
  • Evaluation of Emerging Technologies
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Hardware and Software Consulting