Access information from anyplace within MEDIK OnLine

One-click access to related information from anyplace within MEDIK OnLine

MEDIK OnLine tooltips provide instant access to related information from anywhere in the System. For example, if you’re working follow-up/collections , you can instantly access all transactions, paper and electronic claims, and accounts receivable history for a given account.

Saving User Filters

Saving User Filters

MEDIK Online Features

Enterprise Framework

Simplified setup and consistent reporting across large enterprises


Consistent and customizable access to all of your enterprise information


Manage and apply advance cash payments throughout the revenue cycle

Sophisticated ToolTips

One-click access to related information from anyplace within MEDIK OnLIne

Powerful Reporting Module

Schedule, store, and manage subscriptions to web-based reports and configurable spreadsheet extracts.

Flexible Pricing Mechanisms

Easily manage negotiated rates for your self-pay and payor community. Simplify reserves and instantly know your Net Revenue and Net Accounts Receivable

Wizard-Based Processes

Minimize training and errors by breaking complex tasks into manageable pieces


Don't let bad claims out the door. Introduce accountability and electronic quality assurance measures into your operations.

Electronic Directory

Record unlimited addresses and contact information one time for universal use throughout MEDIK OnLine.

Configurable Admission Module

Define the types of providers, staff, related persons and organizations you need to track for your admissions.

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