CENSUS DEVELOPMENT . . . Increase occupancy with the right patients for your facility

Providers can commence serving patients before admission. MEDIK’s Intake and Marketing features promote positive relations with your referral community.

Before the patient is assessed and admitted providers and facilities can conduct prior authorization, insurance verification and when necessary serve patients with a referral to another provider, commensurate with the clients’ needs.

MEDIK Intake and Marketing tools mean referrals don’t fall through the cracks. Your clinical assessment and intake personnel have reporting features to manage new referrals from that first inquiry through discharge.

INTAKE AND MARKETING REPORTING . . . measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

MEDIK offers a variety of existing Menu driven reports developed in concert with your peers over the last twenty-five years, as well as a flexible report writer to tease out data that satisfies your curiosities and gives you the clues you need to fill beds and increase census.

Whether you want to know your rates of conversion to admissions, or the net dollars generated by a referral source, the detailed data and statistics in MEDIK’s Intake and Marketing module serves you, your referral community and your patients.

MEDIK Client-Server Features

Multiple Billing Formats
Customizable billing formats assignable to each payer

Accounts Receivable Trial Balance
Summary or detailed aged receivable trial balances

Prior Authorization
Increases revenue, minimizes denials, and promotes efficient treatment planning. Learn about prior authorization.

Census Development
Increase occupancy with the right kind of patients. Learn about census development.

Transaction Reporting
Daily and periodic reporting of revenue and Accounts Receivable

Charge Generation
MEDIK charge posting is streamlined, sleek and efficient. Learn about charge generation.

Electronic Clearinghouse
MEDIK Clearinghouse services cut costs and quicken cash flow. Learn about our Electronic Clearinghouse options.

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