BILLING …We do what it takes for you to get paid.

Behavioral healthcare billing has unique, non-standard requirements. Logik Solutions has invented billing software that meets the special needs for all levels of care within the psychiatric continuum. We are the best choice for mental health providers and their patient accounts managers.

Since 1988 Logik Solutions software has evolved to meet situational needs to satisfy payer requirements for all levels of care for different types of payers

Logik Solutions provides the standard cadre of billing formats, for example:

HCVA Logik SolutionsEven though 90% of payers submit these formats in a standard fashion, a small percentage of payers require customization. Mental health carve-out plans require unique revenue codes, regionally assigned CPT-IV’s or special rules to get your claims paid. Logik Solutions does whatever it takes to get you paid, and will work with your billing department to meet payer requirements.

Special Billing Formats

We do something many billing vendors regard as a distraction. We offer atypical billing documents including customized invoices in payer specific formats, alleviating time consuming preparation and editing. These formats meet the need for mental health agencies, school payers or foundations who don’t regard the “standard” billing mechanisms as “standard.”

We also generate customized electronic billing files in spreadsheet output for up-load or transmission to special payers.

Understanding and addressing the challenges presented by payers to get claims paid without convoluted work-arounds sets Logik Solutions apart.

Unique service lines necessitate special features, and Logik Solutions has developed software flexible enough to meet any payer’s requirements.

MEDIK Client-Server Features

Multiple Billing Formats
Customizable billing formats assignable to each payer

Accounts Receivable Trial Balance
Summary or detailed aged receivable trial balances

Prior Authorization
Increases revenue, minimizes denials, and promotes efficient treatment planning. Learn about prior authorization.

Census Development
Increase occupancy with the right kind of patients. Learn about census development.

Transaction Reporting
Daily and periodic reporting of revenue and Accounts Receivable

Charge Generation
MEDIK charge posting is streamlined, sleek and efficient. Learn about charge generation.

Electronic Clearinghouse
MEDIK Clearinghouse services cut costs and quicken cash flow. Learn about our Electronic Clearinghouse options.

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