Pennsylvania BHRS, WRAP

Pennsylvania’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) is often referred to as WRAP or WRAP Around Service. If getting BHRS claims paid is your goal, then Logik Solutions can help.


BHRS is provided to children needing special, customized therapeutic assistance not always embodied in the mainstream psychotherapeutic clinical services and treatment settings.

Because BHRS or WRAP is a nontraditional modality, there are distinct billing requirements.

Logik Solutions has stepped up to meet those requirements. The WRAP services biller’s wish list includes:

  • Customized billing output for nontraditional payers, including City of Philadelphia, CBH and CBHC are available.
  • Customized Electronic 835 payment posting for CBH is developed and available—this payer’s Electronic 835 varies from standard HIPAA and industry requirements.
  • Special billing rules related to Prior Authorization for WRAP services are already in place at our Pennsylvania clientele.
  • Because of Pennsylvania’s aggressive audit requirements, a feature to suspend billing pending documentation approval is in place to mitigate retrospective payment recoupments
  • Custom invoice formats are developed to address billing requirements for Pennsylvania school payers
  • Ask us about the “Unused Services Report," an analysis tool for monitoring services authorized vs. services rendered