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Serving Behavioral Health Providers Nationwide

Logik Solutions meets the needs of our clientel across all levels of care in the behavioral health continuum in every state.

Billing and A/R for the whole United States

Logik Solutions addresses the rules and requirements of the payers in your state to ensure that you get paid. Whether you are an Arkansas RSPMI provider, furnishing WRAP services in Pennsylvania, or in the Montana CSCT network, our behavioral healthcare billing software assures your cash flow.

Logik Solutions generates the standard billing formats such as UB-04’s, HCFA-1500’s, and the electronic 837-P/837-I in the 5010, HIPAA compliant format. These standards are generally uniform from one state to the other, although our specific experience reveals variations in regional requirements. Addressing the unusual is normal for us.

We also provide state specific invoice formats for those payers that don’t regard standard HIPAA formats as "standard". Such payers include state mental health departments, social service agencies, departments of education or school districts and local county agencies.

Examples of Special Lines of Mental Health Care Service

Does your state have specific behavioral service levels like: