Behavioral Health Billing for Montana

Like other States MONTANA offers a special line of outpatient mental health services for children and adolescents.

Mental Health Billing Montana

Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) providers work in cooperation with individual school districts furnishing both educational and outpatient therapy services. CSCT billing and accounting procedures for CSCT are addressed by custom development:

There is one “enterprise” level data base furnished to CSCT providers divided into individual facilities. These individual facilities correspond to school districts.

  • Each individual facility can have unique revenue and expense departments
  • Although our providers are an enterprise, each facility may have it's own unique NPI number, taxonomy code, or other unique legacy identifier
  • Each facility/school district’s Montana Team Number is reflected on the facility’s billing as required for the student’s grade level
  • Charge posting mechanism is tailored to Montana CSCT to utilize special, regionally assigned CPT-IV codes
  • Charge posting limits posting of CSCT services to State-mandated maximum of 720 units per month
  • Posted units in excess of 720 units per month, if entered are staged for write-off when payment is received
  • Special development to direct CSCT charges to Montana Medicaid or third party payer when student has other 3rd party insurance coverage
  • Automatic over-ride of regional CPT-IV code H0036, with third party carriers’ corresponding CPT codes, when required
  • Special ‘multi charge’ grid to facilitate rapid posting of CSCT and other psychotherapeutic charges on a regular basis eliminating late charges and mistakes, while increasing revenue
  • Record and track authorizations furnished, authorized services consumed and authorized services remaining
  • Our Montana clients take advantage of automated eligibility verification with a HIPAA compliant 270 inquiry file and 271 eligibility verification response
  • The time savings is substantial