Addiction Treatment Centers

Written by teamlogik
28 Jul, 2020
Addiction treatment centers should be able to create reimbursable claims as easily as any other branch of medicine. Logik Solutions knows how to avoid work-arounds and extra manipulation to make your claims payable the first time. Generic solutions don’t meet the special billing needs for all your levels of care. Our system is designed to be as flexible as the treatment plan for your recovering patients. We accommodate billing requirements for all levels of care from detox, through inpatient rehabilitation, and all of the outpatient levels of care you provide your patients. We have been effectively producing bills for addiction centers for years, meeting mandates from all governmental and commercial payers. Our software addresses the nuanced needs spawned by payer requirements such as industry specific CPT-IV codes, revenue codes and special bill formats. An electronic health record also has to be tailored to meet your specific needs. Logik Solutions will interface with an EHR you choose. The interface between your clinical and financial systems can be seamless, eliminating duplicate entry. Loading charges to your billing system from the EHR saves countless hours of manual data entry, and ensures clinical documentation substantiates your services and supports the claims billed. Our experience in working with clinical systems has proven that the partnership between Logik Solutions and your EHR brings together the special expertise of different disciplines to serve your business and your patients. Contact us to learn how to Logik Solutions can bring the efficiencies you require to make addiction treatment claims easily meet industry requirements.
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