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  • Conversion of Your Legacy System

    Preparation for go-live covers all aspects of the implementation and training ----

    The selection of your new patient accounting and accounts receivable management system impacts the entire facility. Preparation for ‘go-live’ is important to the client and equally important to Logik Solutions, ensuring a smooth transition from your legacy system. We help you carefully plan your data conversion facilitating a smooth and swift transition.

    We have been through hundreds of implementations—so our confidence level is high. Facilities on the other hand go through a conversion and implementation of major systems episodically. Our experience with implementations will boost your confidence level.

    Working with your implementation team and stakeholders, major components of the implementation include:

    Establishing hardware and operating system requirements: Logik Solutions software runs on nearly any operating system. Primarily we work with clients using any Windows Microsoft Sever 2003, 2008, 2010 or 2012.

    Connectivity: Whether your site utilizes a hosting service or a proprietary server, selection of your connectivity method, linking your users to the Medik database is your choice. Logik Solutions’ clients use different connections ranging from CITRIX CLIENT, RDP, and other proprietary mechanisms.

    Conversion of your Master Patient Index (MPI): Your facility’s historic patient information can be loaded into Medik, allowing your site to have one central data base containing all the admission/discharge and other historic demographic information. Again, we work with your staff and your legacy vendor to cull the information needed to move forward with Medik as your billing and accounts receivable management system.

    Accounts Receivable: The second component of most conversions is historic Accounts Receivable balance. We work with you and your stakeholders, helping you capture your Accounts Receivable records as the “clean start” in your new implementation when we load your historic Accounts Receivable to your new Medik database.

    Training: A detailed training schedule is tailored to your site. Though Medik is primarily a billing and accounts receivable management platform utilized by the business office and finance personnel, other users are involved with daily operations include utilization review, medical records, marketing and business development, admission and executive staff. Many implementations are entirely conducted remotely while other clients prefer on-site coordination of an implementation.

    Go-live: The very first step in an implementation is selecting your “go-live” date. But continued training, support and identification of unique needs is on-going even after the first new patient is recorded. We work with your staff to be sure they are fully familiar with Medik and they have the confidence and knowledge needed to work independently.

    Identify Unique Needs: When planning your implementation there are options and unique operational needs. Unique billing formats and payer requirements need to be addressed before “go-live.” Interfaces to other operational systems on your cloud, such as HBIPS reports, State health reporting files, integrations to your electronic medical record, transcription service need to be addressed. Logik Solutions is experienced and adept at constructing interfaces to other systems.

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